Towelroot apk Download Premium apk free – Do you want to Root Your mobile? Do you want to get SU permissions to your Mobile? If yes, then you are at right place. In this guide, we will show you how to root any mobile which will help you to enjoy every feature of Android which you can’t do without root. In this guide, we will talk about an Android app through which you can root your Android smartphone. Towelroot is the app name which we are going to talk about and Here we will show you how to download the Towelroot premium app for free by installing Towelroot apk, and we will also show you how you can root your mobile with Towelroot app.

So first let me tell you some of the best features of Towelroot app.

towelroot app

Features of TowelRoot App:

• It’s free: if you just want to use basic features then this app is free.
• You can root any Android device using towel root app.
• Regular Updates: Developers gives regular updates to add newly launched Android devices to the list.

Versions Of TowelRoot Apk:

  • TowelRoot V1 (First basic Version)
  • TowelRoot V2 (Bug Fixed Version)
  • TowelRoot V3 (Enhanced version – Most Used & Best Version)
  • TowelRoot V4 (Released for Specific devices only)
  • TowelRoot V5 (latest Build)

Install Towelroot App to your phone:

1. Download the TowelRoot apk from here.

2. Enable USB debugging from Developer option in the settings.
3. Now Enable Unknown Source Option from Settings. (Settings> Lock Screen & Security> Scroll bottom and enable “Install from Unknown Source.”
4. Now install the towel root apk from the file explorer and after successful installation opens the app.
5. Click on Make it rain to root your devices then it will check the compatibility of your mobile if its working on your device then it will root your device within seconds.

What is Root?

Root means the core part of the system which means if we get root access then we can modify and change the core parts functionality ourselves without any hesitations.

After rooting If I want to unroot then is it possible?

Yes, you can unroot your mobile anytime by downloading an android app called “Unroot my phone” from the Google play store.

After Unrooting will my device warranty continue?

Yes, because after unrooting there are no chances left for them for tracking the root.

 Can’t OTA update after rooting?

If you get an error on System Updates which says that “Your device is rooted, you can’t get OTA Updates” then First unroot your mobile and reboot it. After doing this, you can get OTA updates normally.

What are the Benefits/Advantages of Rooting?

There are many advantages of rooting Android devices, and some of them are as following:
o You can access and modify system files and apps in the OS
o You can install many special apps from Google Play Store which require rooting.
o You can remove the Inbuilt/ Pre-installed app from the devices which consume a lot of memory.
o You can install incompatible apps as well.
o You can unlock my android features which are locked by the device manufacturer.
Simply you will be the boss of your android mobile.

What are the Disadvantages of Rooting?

o Rooting your device will void your warranty (You can regain by unrooting your mobile)
o You might not be able to get OTA updates. Read FAQ for more details.
o It can brick your device if not done perfectly. (Rooting doesn’t brick your device but installing incompatible Android apps and ROMs can damage your mobile device.

Conclusion –  Download TowelRoot APK [Latest Premium 2017]

This was the post on towelroot app, stay connected to download the app and root your mobile freely.

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