So, guys, Do you want to install Apple ios on android? Do you want to feel the change? Do you want to experience Ios on Android? Then wait and read this full tutorial because your search for how to flash Apple ios on Android is over and here we will show you how to transform android os to ios.

Well first let me clear you all doubts about Android os and Apple IOS. Android operating system uses different file system and many partitions of system and ios completely run on different so there is no chance that you can flash ios on android, but here we can assure you that after reading this tutorial you will feel the change of ios on android but in a different way.

So now let me give you answers to your questions and clear your doubts.

  1. Is it safe to install or brick my device?

Ans: yes it’s totally 100% safe, and your device won’t brick through this tutorial.

2. Will I get latest IOS 9 with this tutorial?

Ans: NO, as I told earlier that here we will only change the look of Android to ios, so we aren’t changing your android version or anything else.

3.Will it replace Google play store to Apple app store?

Ans: hmmm NO, we are just changing look and feel of your mobile and other things will be same.

4. Will it void my mobile’s warranty?

Ans: No, we are using the legal method here so it won’t void warranty.

Guys let move on to guide in which we will show you how to feel Ios on Android.

  • First, make sure that you enable “install from unknown source” on your phone.
  • If not then Go to System Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > enable it.
  • Now download this Android package (Android app)
  • Install the app and enjoy the ios on android.

So this was the tutorial on how to install apple ios on android. As I told you that after reading this tutorial you will feel Ios on Android for free.


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