How to Root Kindle Fire

How to Root Kindle Fire

This is the fast, easy, secure and step by step by guide on how to Root Kindle Fire In this guide, we will show you how to Root or jailbreak Kindle Fire which will help you to enjoy the every feature of your Kindle Fire which you can’t do without root. We will also show you how to unroot your Kindle Fire without pc.

So if you are a newbie, you should really expect read the component below, it won’t get your complete facts straight, but it would provide you with a start at lowest. Also on another hand, if you are a pro and have been rooting the devices since a while now, and really know about all the stuff related to it, you could possibly skip this part of the tutorial.

What is Android Rooting?

Android Rooting is really a procedure which will give you the special entry to the device, which can be termed as actual access, hence the definition of rooting. Now this root access permits you to control your device better than previously. You are in a position to perform tweaks, and customization with interfering inside the default code connected with android, and also makes a number of other changes in the way your device is effective, which a default Google android user simply can’t. In summary, you are the super user of the device and will be able to control the device and the choice of want.


Step by Step guide on How to Root Kindle fire:

  1. First uninstall all other ADB drivers which you installed in your pc.
  2. Now install the ADB drivers which are given above.
  3. Unzip the bin4ry tool on your desktop.
  4. Now Run the .bat file for windows as Administrator.(.bat file is in bin4ry tool folder)
  5. Then a menu will pop-up and ask you what is your device type select as “normal”
  6. Once you selected normal and then command prompt will say plug in your device.
  7. Plug in your device now.
  8. It will say a bunch of stuffs, once it stops splitting the lines. If your kindle isn’t already. Unlock it.

You will get a window on your kindle asking to restore and enter your credentials. JUST PRESS RESTORE AT THE BOTTOM


Voila! You have just rooted your kindle fire device.


How to unroot kindle fire:

  1. Download the universal unroot app from play store or google
  2. Give root access to it and click on full unroot.

That’s it. This app will unroot your mobile now just reboot.



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