As we all know rooting mobile is necessary part for an android user to get access to the root or every part of their beloved android phone. Many users root mobile with the knigroot app and they also want to move on to supersu permanently so this is the short, easy and secure guide on how to replace kinguser to supersu.

This method of replacing kinguser to supersu works with all the phones which are rooted with kingroot app.

Step by step guide on How to replace kinguser to Supersu:

  1. Open setting and navigate to the security setting and enable unknown source from there.replace kinguser to Supersu
  2. Now Download the Supersu-me apk and once downloaded install it in your android mobile phone and launch it.
  3. Now a pop-up will show on your screen which will ask you for root access. Grant the root access.replace kinguser to Supersu
  4. Now you will see a big blue button with android robot. Click on it. This will start the replacing process.replace kinguser to Supersu
  5. Once the replacing process is over Supersu app will launch in your mobile automatically.

That’s it, you have just replaced the kinguser app to supersu and gained root access.


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