How to Upgrade Lenovo K3 Note to Android Marshmallow 6.0

How to Upgrade Lenovo K3 Note to Android Marshmallow 6.0

This is the short, easy and secure guide on how to update lenovo k3 note to the android marshmallow 6.0 without the use of any computer or laptop.

Please note that as for now there is no official android marshmallow update from the manufacturer this is the guide in which we forcefully upgrade lenovo k3 note to android marshmallow 6.0.

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Step by Step Tutorial on How to Upgrade Lenovo K3 note to Android Marhmallow 6.0:


  • Full charge your mobile to 100%.
  • Minimum 1GB of disk space should be available in your lenovo k3 Note.
  • Wifi or 3G network (update size is bigger than you expect.

Okay now let’s start the guide to upgrade your mobile from android kitkat to android marshmallow.


  1. Shut down your lenovo k3 note mobile.
  2. wait for 4 minutes and then switch on your lenovo k3 note to update to android marshmallow.
  3. Connect your device to wifi/3g network wait for a while.
  4. Now you will get a notification in your lenovo k3 note mobile. open it
  5. on next screen you will an option of download update.
  6. After click the download update you will see a pop-up asking your for download update.
  7. Choose the download Android marshmallow 6.0 for lenovo k3 note option.
  8. After choosing it your lenovo k3 note will start downloading the update.
  9. Wait for the downloading update and after download update will be installed to your device and your device will automatically reboot and upgrade to android marshmallow 6.0

So now enjoy,this was the guide on how to upgrade lenovo k3 note to Android marshmallow 6.0.


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